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T-shirts that last

Great fabric: To make the GoudronBlanc T-shirts, we have chosen a high-quality fabric. This organic cotton fabric is particularly heavy (200g/m2). It is made to last a long time.

The proof: By the way, the GoudronBlanc T-shirts of our first collection (2011-2012) are still very pleasant to wear.

Tissu en coton bio - T-shirt GoudronBlanc
With a minimum of care, you are sure to keep your GoudronBlanc T-shirts for a long time.

Laundry time? Let’s make it easy!

Il est très facile de laver vos T-shirts GoudronBlanc. Voici nos trois conseils pour les garder longtemps.

🙃 Flip inside out

Put your T-shirts to be washed inside out. This helps protect the outside of the fabric when it rubs against the drum and other clothing.

🛁 Wash at 30°C

Choose “quick wash” at 30°C. This is enough to wash well (unless you have a stubborn stain to remove). Plus, it saves energy.

🌻 Air dry

Avoid the tumble dryer. It is the enemy of the cotton T-shirt, because with the hot air it blows, it can make the cotton shrink.

At the end of the washing cycle, shake your T-shirt and put it to dry on a drying rack.

Tissu coton de qualite - GoudronBlanc
The GoudronBlanc fabric is ultra-soft. You can see it with the naked eye.

Minimal shrinkage

GoudronBlanc T-shirts are designed to guarantee minimal shrinkage.

🚿 Pre-washed fabric

Our secret: The fabric is pre-washed to minimise the natural shrinkage of the cotton.

How it works: Cotton fabric shrinks in the wash because the fibre contracts with heat. To prevent this, GoudronBlanc T-shirts are measured after pre-washing. Your T-shirts will not shrink in the first wash.

🔬 Tested with accuracy

Precise measurements: To make sure of the result, we carefully measure the length of the T-shirts before and after washing.

So: We know that the fabric will hardly move when washed at 30°C with air drying.

💪 Longevity guaranteed

Bonus: Also, it allows us to test that the fabric remains intact and does not twist in the wash.

Lasting T-shirts: You will love GoudronBlanc T-shirts, because they last and are so comfortable to wear.

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As soft as cashmere

GoudronBlanc T-shirts are known to be ultra soft.

T-shirt col V gris goudron - GoudronBlanc

You will find them so comfortable to wear.

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