White Crew Neck Alphonse T-shirt

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Alphonse, the little man in the GoudronBlanc logo, is back in a special edition. You’ll find him embroidered in a subtle way at the bottom of the T-shirt.

You’re going to love this:

– An elegant slim fit and a nice crew neck
– A heavy and ultra soft fabric (220g/m²)
– And because we care: 100% organic cotton

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The White Crew Neck

High standards: You can judge a clothing brand by the quality of its white T-shirts.

Our white T-shirt: We dreamed of creating an elegant T-shirt. That meant a T-shirt :

  • that is well fitted,
  • made of pure organic cotton,
  • with a very durable fabric,
  • and made “close to home“.

We love it for this: The white T-shirt is great because it can be worn with almost everything.

How to match it: Wear your GoudronBlanc T-shirt with jeans or a chino. It is also very easy to put under a cardigan or a leather or military jacket. It’s a simple style for any occasion.

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