Carbon Black V-neck T-shirt

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What you’re going to like about the Black V-neck T-shirt:

– An elegant slim fit and a shallow V-neck;
– A heavy and ultra soft fabric (190g/m2);
– And because we care: 100% organic cotton.

(Also available with a crew neck.)

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The elegant black T-shirt

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It’s a black T-shirt that is easy to wear.

We made the black colour slightly lighter. It allows the carbon black to take more light, which gives a vintage look to the T-shirt.

Our goal : To make it easy for you to get ideal look in a few seconds. The carbon black T-shirt pairs well with blue jeans or beige trousers.

It’s also nice to wear with a blazer.

Fit for work

Men love wearing GoudronBlanc at work.

It’s easy, elegant, and so comfortable.

GoudronBlanc Black V-neck T-shirt on Anthony E. Byrne

Anthony E. Byrne
Author and CEO of Product2Market

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T-shirt col V noir carbone sur cintre

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