Why GoudronBlanc

Being elegant, every day

GoudronBlanc was born from a passion for beautiful products (and especially for T-shirts). Since 2011, we have been revisiting the more casual clothes of the men’s closet.

Our goal: To make you feel elegant in your daily life, with comfortable and high-quality clothes.

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The French fashion

Inspiration: Abroad, the French are envied for their sense of style. Many French people have this tendency to dress well in a super natural way. 

The GoudronBlanc spirit: Casual elegance for our everyday

This means: At GoudronBlanc, you can choose your clothes without worrying. You are sure to have clothes which fit well. All this, with nice colours that are easy to match. No frills, just beautiful clothes.

A great attention to detail

A guarantee of high quality: GoudronBlanc products are designed to please the most demanding men.

This translates into: 

  • A great fit: You’ll like the shape of the T-shirts. They are slightly fitted. This is our athletic fit, a distinctive feature of GoudronBlanc.
  • Heavy fabric: We use heavy fabrics so that GoudronBlanc T-shirts fit well (200g/m2 for the T-shirts and even 220g/m2 for the white T-shirts).
  • An ultra soft touch: Each T-shirt is very comfortable thanks to the softness of its fabric (perfect for inviting hugs).

A long-lasting T-shirt: It’s been 10 years now since the GoudronBlanc T-shirts have been staying faithful to those who wear them. And this thanks to a beautiful fabric and strong stitching.

Col rond - T-shirt noir carbone GoudronBlanc

Quality without compromise. The GoudronBlanc T-shirts are high-quality T-shirts. They are designed to fit well. And each T-shirt is made with a fabric of unmatched softness.

It is our role to be responsible. We favour the use of organic cotton fabric. In addition, our workshop in Portugal is certified for the good working conditions of its team.

An elegant sense of style. Every model and every colour is designed to make you look elegant and stylish in a simple way. All colours are easy to wear. You can pick your T-shirts with your eyes closed.

A friendly spirit. Since 2011, we have been developing a family business that thrives with a passion for creating beautiful products.

A partner, not just a shop. We are delighted with our community of loyal customers, because our ambition is to provide you with long-lasting clothes. Every day we work hard to offer you beautiful clothes and answer your questions on the GoudronBlanc blog, by mail and through the podcast.

Simplicity. Quality. And the importance of small details…

That’s where elegance comes from.

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