Ultra soft and high quality T-shirts for men

A great T-shirt, especially if you are picky

Two models in many elegant colours

T-shirt en coton bio blanc col V pour homme

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V-neck T-shirts

T-shirt bleu minéral col V pour homme

See the T-shirts:

Crew neck T-shirts

Passionately sustainable

We make these T-shirts because we care.

GoudronBlanc is committed to an ethical production process that looks after the environment and the people who make your T-shirts.

We chose the GOTS label to ensure independent control that we meet strict quality, environment, and social standards.

Designed in Paris, France.
Made in Portugal.
100% organic cotton.

on quality

“We created GoudronBlanc in 2012. Our passion for great products pushed us to start this adventure

We are very, very picky. Even the smallest detail matters. And this is why GoudronBlanc T-shirts are high quality. ”

— Guerric, founder of GoudronBlanc

Soft & heavy cotton
(Like in the 1930s)

GoudronBlanc offers the softest fabric.

We also picked a heavyweight cotton (190g/m2). It remains impeccable wash after wash. Bonus: it doesn’t need to be ironed.

Just wash it at 30°C. Put it on a hanger. And you are done.

After wearing GoudronBlanc, you will never look at T-shirts in the same way…

Many creatives and entrepreneurs wear GoudronBlanc at work

Augustin Paluel-Marmont en T-shirt GoudronBlanc

Augustin Paluel-Marmont
Cofounder of Michel & Augustin

Nicolas Ferrary en T-shirt col V GoudronBlanc

Nicolas Ferrary
Country Manager at Airbnb

5 ways you can identify the iconic GoudronBlanc T-shirt—at a glance

1. Notice how the T-shirt is designed. A slim fit that makes you look elegant without putting too much thought into it.

2. Look at the V-neck. It is unusually shallow. That is because deep V-necks are not chic.

3. Feel the fabric. Do you sense how soft it is? This makes your T-shirt so comfortable—for you and the lady who hugs you.

4. Have you noticed? No logo on your chest. Our Frenchman silhouette is discreetly embroidered at the bottom—only the connoisseur will see it.

5. The men who wear GoudronBlanc are gentlemen. They will almost always smile at you.

Yeah, you’re right:

GoudronBlanc is about style, sustainability, and quality.


T-shirt col V noir carbonne pour homme

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