Ultra soft and high-quality T-shirts for the connoisseurs

GoudronBlanc makes great T-shirts, especially if you are picky

These magazines and fashion blogs hqve enjoyed the GoudronBlanc quality

Well-fitted T-shirts,
in stylish colours

The V-neck T-shirt

Always elegant with its shallow V-neck

The crew neck T-shirt

The classic one that suits you for any occasion

The long sleeves

Great to keep warm or to wear under a blazer

GoudronBlanc, a look
on style and quality

Responsibly small

GoudronBlanc is a small family company founded in 2011. We just do a few things, so we can do them very well.

Each collection is launched in limited edition. Every time we create a new T-shirt, we only make small batches.

This responsible approach allows us to pay close attention to quality in order to offer you T-shirts and polo shirts that last for a long (very long) time.

Designed in Paris. Made in Portugal. 100% organic cotton.

Fashion without the fuss

We create clothes that are accessible and easy to wear, far from the hype and the ephemeral.

At the office, with your family or when you’re going out with friends, GoudronBlanc is there to make you feel good and sharp, every day.

Our T-shirts and polo shirts go with all kinds of styles. And each colour is designed to be easy to match with your favourite outfits.

Clothes for every day and for a long time.

Explore the GoudronBlancs

T-shirt col V noir carbone - GoudronBlanc
The V-neck T-shirt in Carbon Black

The GoudronBlanc, a unique design

Here are five ways you can identify the iconic GoudronBlanc T-shirt, at a glance:
  1. Notice how the T-shirt is designed. An athletic fit that makes you look sharp without putting too much thought into it.
  2. Look at the V-neck. It is elegantly shallow. That is because deep V-necks are not chic.
  3. Feel the fabric. Do you sense how soft it is? This makes your T-shirt so comfortable—for you and the lady who hugs you.
  4. Have you noticed? No logo on your chest. Our Frenchman silhouette is discreetly printed inside—only the connoisseur will know.
  5. Check who’s wearing it. The men who wear GoudronBlanc are gentlemen. They will almost always smile at you.
Yes! You’re right. GoudronBlanc is all about style and quality.

Your new favourite!

We all have a favourite T-shirt.

Remember that super comfy shirt you’ve kept for years?

In 2011, we decided to recreate that experience, but with a T-shirt that make you look sharp:

  • A T-shirt so elegant that you want to wear at any occasion
  • A fabric that feels so nice that you can see how soft it is with the naked eye
  • Natural and breathable material, made of 100% organic cotton
  • A heavyweight jersey (200g/m2 and 220g/m2 for the white fabric) that makes your T-shirt so comfy to wear

One thing is sure: you will love Supradoo®, the fabric of GoudronBlanc T-shirts.

T-shirt gris ardoise col rond - GoudronBlanc
The crew neck T-shirt in Slate Grey
Polo vrai bleu marine - GoudronBlanc
The polo shirt in True Navy Blue

Our take on the polo shirt

After revisiting the T-shirt from every angle, we had a great vision to make the polo shirt a modern and urban garment.

How come?

  • The GoudronBlanc polo is slightly fitted
  • Its button placket is reinforced to add contrast
  • The collar is raised and made with a thick ribbed hem so that it looks sharp
  • The bottom of the polo has no side slit, reminiscent of the classic T-shirt

Try out the polo and you’ll see how all these details make a big difference.

Many creatives and entrepreneurs wear GoudronBlanc at work

Augustin Paluel-Marmont en T-shirt GoudronBlanc

Augustin Paluel-Marmont
Cofounder of Michel & Augustin

Airbnb avec un T-shirt bleu col V pour homme

Nicolas Ferrary
Ex-Country Manager at Airbnb

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